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Electrical Wiring Berkeley, CA

Our team of electricians specializes in electrical wiring in Berkeley and Oakland, CA. We do rewiring for old houses, wiring repair, and new wiring for new circuits and new construction. Wiring problems is one of the top reasons for internal home fires in Berkeley and the rest of California. This is important to realize because not many people consider taking a look at their home’s wiring because they are not readily visible components of the home.

Wiring needs updating for several reasons. They do deteriorate over time, but they are meant to last a long time. Some people forget that there are increased forms of deterioration such as the environment and rats, which love to chew on wires. On the flip side, technology increases energy output quickly, putting a greater strain on the electric infrastructure. As time goes on, electrical advances are developed to make the home safer. Older homes don’t have these electrical advances. These are the homes that need rewiring.

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We Specialize in Complete House Rewiring and Wiring for New Construction

PRO Electrician Berkeley has extensive experience in complete house rewiring in Berkeley, Oakland, and new construction. If it’s been over 20 years since your wiring has been looked at, it’s time to schedule an electrical inspection. The great majority of electrical fires can be avoided, the problems just need to be detected before they become dangerous. Call us today!

this picture shows a complete house rewire in Berkeley with old wires exposed

Rewiring a House in Berkeley and Oakland

Rewiring a house is a lengthy project but important to ensure the safety from an electrical fire. Luckily you will probably only need to do this project once a generation. The electric code has been updated at least 15 times since 1975, so there is a good chance that your home may have some parts that are out of date and not safe. PRO Electrician Berkley has extensive experience in rewiring houses in Berkeley and Oakland

Not only will new wire make your home safe, it will increase the capacity of electricity your home will be able to handle. There is an ever increasing amount of devices that are plugged into the wall. A higher capacity will allow you to use all your devices all at once.

If you value your possessions and the health and safety of your family, you will be happy once your rewiring is completed. We can help rewire your home at Pro Electrician Berkeley. We understand that this is not a small decision. Let us walk you through every step of the way to give you confidence and comfort to rewiring your house in Berkeley.


When Should I Consider Rewiring my Home

Bellow is a list of the main signs to look for, indicating possible need for new rewiring in your home in Berkeley and Oakland. If your home fits any of these factors, consider getting an electrical inspection and possibly a home rewiring:

  • Your home is over 50 years old
    The wiring are made of aluminum instead of copper (used between 1965 through 1973)
  • Your home has 2 pronged outlets instead of 3 pronged outlets
  • Your electrical panel box or fuse box has a wooden case or wooden backing
  • You experience burning smells (when nothing is cooking)
  • The electric outlets and plugs are have burn or singe marks
  • Your lights flicker
  • The circuit breakers trip on a consistent basis
  • Smoke and burning smells need to be addressed immediately. This indicates that something is burning at this moment! Call the fire department immediately and once safe, work with an electrician to fix your electrical issues.
this picture shows an electrician wiring a new home

Does your Home still have Knob and Tube Wiring in Berkeley?

We still see a lot of old homes with knob and tube wiring in Berkley, Oakland, and surrounding cities in the Bay Area. If this is the type of electrical system your home has, consider calling us for a FREE quote on updating the wiring including replacing the electrical panel in Berkeley

this picture shows wiring for residential or commercial building

Wiring for Home Addition and New Construction

Our electrical contractors are able to do new wiring for new circuits, installations, and even new construction. If you are building a new home or home addition we can help you build an electrical circuit that functions well with the appliances you have or plan on having. Moreover, we can maximize it for where and how you use them.

For businesses, consider hiring us as your business build out electricians.  Give our electrician Berkeley a call for a FREE consultation in how we can help you with your project.

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