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If you have or just purchased an electric vehicle, you may be wondering about having your own home charging station. Our licensed and certified Bay Area electricians can provide quick and effective home EV charger installation in Berkeley and nearby cities. We cover Berkeley, Oakland, Elmwood, Southside, Cragmont, Emeryville, Albany, Piedmont, El Cerrito, and Daly City.

EV Chargers

As you may know, California has passed an executive order requiring that, by 2035, all new cars sold in the state will be zero-emission vehicles. In another words, you will only be able to buy electric vehicles, or EVs. The good thing is that not only you will be helping the environment, but you will love the lifestyle it gives you. Can you imagine no longer having to rush to the gas station? By charging at home you save time and money. No wonder why so many Americans already fell in love with EVs.

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Best Home EV Charger

EV charger installers in Berkeley

To choose the best home EV charger station for you, we suggest you to first look at time vs cost of installation. Your EV car will come with a plug which you can use on a standard outlet in your garage for example. That will be a 110-volt-compatible, or Level 1, home connector kit. However, the output is really slow, between 3-5 miles per hour. For example, if your commute is longer than 30 miles a day, charging overnight will not be enough to supply all the power your car needs (4 x 8 hours = 32). For most homeowners a Level 2 charger is perfect because it charges much faster. The cost of installation is very small when you compare it with how much time it will free you every day for years to come.

Level 1 EV Charger

A Level 1 charger uses a 120 volt current which is the standard for household outlets. You will use a special extension cord plugged into an ordinary outlet. If you already have an electrical circuit in your garage, then you don’t need any special equipment. Just be sure that the outlet you are using is GFCI safe. The big disadvantage about the level 1 station is how long it takes to charge a automobile.

Level 2 EV Charger

Level 2 chargers use a 240 volt power which will translate into a much faster battery charging time. This type of charging requires installation of an EVSE unit and electrical wiring capable of handling higher voltage power. In this case, look for an experienced electrician like us. Depending on the Amps, you can look at 6-12 hours charging time, or less.

Level 3 EV Charger

Level 3 Charger is the fastest type of charging station available. This the type available at public charging stations. It provides compatible vehicles with an 80 percent charge in 20-30 minutes by converting high voltage AC power to DC power for storage in EV batteries. This is a commercial level.

Best Home EV Charger Brand

When it comes to brands it can be overwhelming, there are so many to choose from: Bosh, Instavolt, Tesla, ChargePoint, EVBox, Siemens, etc. Tesla even has it’s own chargers called Tesla Superchargers. Considering they are Level 2 chargers, they will vary in the cost of installation and the price of the device itself. Our electricians are experienced with most of the brands and can give you guidance on your choices.

EV Charger Installation Cost in Berkeley

The cost of an EV charger station will vary based on three aspects. First, the cost of the EV charger itself. Second, the amount of wiring your particular home needs to accommodate for it. In the event that you need to upgrade your electrical panel that will be considered too. Finally, just like anything else, it depends on the labor. We are experienced and effective electricians who are fair and transparent in our recommendations and prices and will be happy to check out your place for a free estimate in what you need.

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