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Ceiling Fan Installation Berkeley

Ceiling fans are an affordable and effective way to cool you down. They are actually considered very “hip” as far as adding style to your home. If you use the air conditioning, it can benefit you by spreading the air from the AC through the room. We can set up ceiling fans even if there is no existing fan or wiring around. Give our electricians a call for a ceiling fan installation in Berkeley.

Ceiling Fans for your Home and Business

We have installed ceiling fans to businesses such as restaurants, stores, and supermarkets. Especially in these places where there are lots of people, they are effective at keeping people comfortable while save on energy. By circulating the air from the AC through the room, the temperature of the entire room evens out. As a result, you feel cooler and the AC does not need to work as hard to keep the same temperature. Can you guess what happens next? That is right, the cost of you electricity bill will decrease! Ready to save? Call us today!

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Reasons to Install a Ceiling Fan

this picture shows a ceiling fan installation in Berkeley, CA. It is installed on a bedroom.

They are affordable

The prices of ceiling fans prices varies, as with any other product out there. It depends on their design and how effective and durable they are. Even talking into account the cost to hiring an electrician, installing a ceiling fan is affordable. Especially, when you consider the savings and the satisfaction it will bring you.

It will help you stay comfortable all year round

Ceiling fans successfully “move” the air through the room. The room temperature may feel like 6 to 8 degrees lower to you. In the winter you can reverse the blades to move the warm air down.

Use in conjunction with your AC for the best results

Some people don’t have and/or don’t need an AC. If you have one you should know that you can save on the AC costs by having a ceiling fan. Families using both simultaneously are able to keep the thermostat higher by about 4 degrees, without feeling any less comfortable.

Ceiling fans are trendy and elegant

They are more and more popular. Especially since the manufacturers improved their look to more unique and less standard. Some can be quite sophisticated. There are styles for every taste. We will help you to choose the design, color, material, and size that matches your home and personality and make sure they are still efficient.

Add some as a home improvement

Ceiling fans are considered a home improvement. If you are looking to sell or rent a property let us tell you that adding a ceiling fan will be well worth your time and money. The house will be more attractive and will be likely to rent faster. Moreover you may actually be able to charge a bit more for rent and for sale value. The places where people look for fans are the kitchen, the living room, and the bedrooms. If you have an office that can be a good idea too since so many people work from home now.

Types of Ceiling Fans

Fans use the same mechanism: the fast rotation of several blades. Blades can be so different, however. They differ in how many they are per fan, how much degree of inclination they have, how thick, and long they are, and what color and material they are. In general, people like less and thin blades per fan. For commercial electrician jobs, the longer blades are popular and effective and cooling big rooms.

Assembling and Wiring

How to assemble a ceiling fan can be quite challenging. Mostly, the wiring and the actual connection of the wires. This is when mistakes can happen. Mistakes with the wiring can cause short circuits. To be safe make sure you hire an electrician like us to do that. Some people also make mistakes during the assembling and set it up in a way it may not work well, or can break later. Most fans also require a light fixture installation.

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Why call an Electrcian to Install a Ceiling Fan?

There are lots of videos on how to install a fan by yourself. While we encourage you to learn, there are several reasons why you should call an electrician to install a ceiling fan in Berkeley. First not all fans are equal. Your fan may be very different than the one you see in the video. You may run into the mistakes we described above such as creating a short circuit or cause it to break. Second, you may decide to get a handyman because their hourly rate is cheaper. However, they are likely to take much longer to mount a fan in the ceiling than an experienced electrician like PRO Electrician Berkeley. That may actually end up close to the same cost.

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