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Electrical Sub Panel Installation Berkeley

The main purpose to install an electrical sub panel in Berkeley is to better control the regulation of electricity to a specific area of your home. A sub panel helps to segregate a larger portion of electricity in a particular area of the home. Essentially a sub panel creates a smaller electrical panel that would be dedicated to a specific circuit.

How do I know if my Home needs a Sub Panel?

When the designated area is reasonably far from the main electrical panel, a sub panel is a good option to efficiently maintain the proper flow of electricity throughout. The garage, basement, and or outdoor patio area are all common areas where sub panels can be installed in homes today. Those are the most common reasons we often perform sub panel installation in Berkeley and Oakland.

Another time it may become necessary to further differentiate your electricity is for multiple living units such as a duplex. Usually, duplexes have separate electric meters and separate electric boxes, but that’s not always the case. When there is just one electric meter and one panel the secondary unit will not have access to a breaker box unless a sub panel is installed. 

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This picture shows a sub panel installation in Berkeley CA. You can see two sub panels next to the main electrical panel

Advantages to Installing a Sub Panel

There are several advantages to adding a sub panel to your home in Berkeley and Oakland. Here are some:

  • Space – There are only so many slots for circuits in a circuit breaker box. Sometimes a sub panel is needed when the original electrical panel box has no more space.
  • Convenience – if your circuit breaker pops far away from the area of use, resetting a sub panel circuit breaker can be a lot easier.
  • Efficiency – a sub panel box will allow better regulation of electricity from one circuit to an area that you expect high electrical usage. When that area is far from the main panel box, a sub panel is a good idea. A garage or workspace where electrical tools are used is a good reason for needing a sub panel in your home.

Do You Need to Install a New Electrical Panel or a Sub Panel?

If what you need is more power to the entire house and not to a specific area further from the main panel, you may be looking to a panel upgrade. If you are looking for an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel in Berkeley we can do that too and also make sure that is what you need.

On the other hand, if you are looking to add power to a particular area of your home you may need a sub panel installation instead. Examples are distributing power to the garage, patio, upstairs, or even a home addition. We are experienced in all of the above and can perform a safe, quick, and affordable sub panel installation in Berkeley for more power to your home or business.

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What is the Difference Between a Sub Panel and the Main Panel?

The sub panel connects to the main power box by a feeder circuit which should have a breaker at both ends. It is used to distribute the power to an area further away from the main panel. The main box controls the entire power of your house. That means it also controls the sub panel. If you are unsure of what you need after you read through this page, give us a call and our Berkeley electricians will help you determine what is the best solution for you.

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