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Our team of electricians can help you with electrical repairs in Berkeley and Oakland areas. We can repair outlets, wiring, main electrical panel, subpanel, light fixtures, you name it. It is difficult for any homeowner or tenant to diagnose electrical problems. First, they don’t have the right tools to understand what the cause of the problem is. That is the very first reason why it is important to hire an electrician to fix the problem. Second, good and honest electricians such as ourselves will give you the options and recommendations to your best interest, rather than only knowing how to fix it in one way.

Below are the more common reasons people call us for electrical repairs in Oakland and Berkeley:

  • Fix and replace burnt outlets
  • Fix lights flickering
  • Fix main panel tripping
  • Fix hot and burning smells
  • Fix sparks and shorts

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Outlet Repair

If you are looking to fix an outlet you may be concerned about it being loose, warm, burnt, or have exposed wires.

Repairing or replacing an outlet is a straightforward task.  The challenge is that replacing an outlet may not mean that you solved the problem. That means there could be an underlying issue that explains why the outlet does not work. Such issue is ultimately what needs to be fixed. 

When you call us for to repair your electrical system, we do our best to find the underlying issue and solve the problem once and for all.


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Electrical repairs can be more or less complicated. Some are quite simple. It really depends on what the problem is. We always recommend you getting an analysis and recommendation of experienced and honest electricians such as ourselves A cheap repair done by unqualified handyman may turn into bigger problems and bigger costs later on. We provide FREE quotes for electrical repairs in Berkeley, Oakland, and nearby cities.

Electrical Panel Repair

Fix the electrical panel in Berkeley and Oakland

The circuit breaker box in a home is not a commonly fixed item in Berkeley. Many people may not realize a need for an electrical panel repair unless something electrical isn’t working. Some homes in Berkeley don’t even have electrical panels, but instead have fuse boxes. In the case of a circuit breaker that trips, resetting the breaker back to the on position is an easy fix. Not all issues are this obvious however. Some may require to fix the electrical panel. Here are electrical situations where you should have your circuit breaker looked at:

Circuit breaker tripping constantly

This is a sign that the current going through the circuit is too much consistently. Diagnosing the cause is not so easy. Overactive appliances generating too much power or wiring issues are some of the common issues.

Flickering or dimming lights

When the electrical panel can’t handle a large surge of power from an appliance, it could take it from another circuit. When this happens with your lights, it’s easy to observe. Dimming or flickering lights can be a sign that there are overloaded circuits, wiring issues, or possibly an overactive appliance.

Electrical panel noises

Crackling, sizzling, and buzzing sounds are NOT normal circuit breaker box noises! Wiring and circuit breaker problems making these noises can cause fire and or electrocution. Make sure you call a professional.

Electrical panel hot to the touch

Circuit breakers turns off in order to prevent excess heat. If your panel or circuit breaker is hot, there is a chance that the circuit is failing to turn off.

Electrical problems in the home can escalate quickly and should not be taken lightly. Call an electrician immediately if you notice any of these problems at home. At Pro Electrician Berkeley we are very knowledgeable with electrical panel problems and more. Contact us now for your free quote.

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